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Movers & Vehicle (Van or Truck) with: Driver and one additional man……. $79.00 per hour + $2.50 per mile “Travel Time” (A) Driver and two additional men……. $99.00 per hour + $3.50 per mile “Travel Time” (A) Driver and three additional men….. $119.00 per hour + $4.50 per mile “Travel Time” (A) Driver and four additional men…… $139.00 per hour + $5.50 per mile “Travel Time” (A) Each additional man………………. $20.00 […]

Best Long Distance Moving Services Provider Chicago

Finding a professional long distance moving services provider is not as easy as you thing, not all moving companies can provide what you looking for. New Way Movers Chicago is professionally engaged in integrated services for all types of relocation and moving services – packing, residential & office, storage service and more. Long Distance Moving Services New Way Movers Chicago performs out of […]

Choosing the Right Chicago Movers

When you decide to move out-of-state it is often times a very stressful time. Moving 100’s of miles versus 10 miles is a huge difference. More times then not people can avoid the extra headache of dealing with a rouge moving company by doing a little homework before hiring anyone. Even the moving companies you […]

Bed Bugs and Moving

An ever-growing concern across America is bed bugs. These little critters can wreak havoc if not properly and promptly treated. At New Way Movers we recognize this as a legitimate concern and have put specific measures in place to assure no bed bug contaminated shipments are ever placed on one of our trucks. We have […]

Professional Crating by New Way Movers Chicago IL

When moving sometimes there just isn’t a perfect way to protect an item for transit without creating a custom made wooden crate. At New Way Movers Chicago IL, we take pride in our claim-free service and will go to any length to make sure your move doesn’t have damage. For odd shaped glass tables, expensive […]