When you decide to move out-of-state it is often times a very stressful time. Moving 100’s of miles versus 10 miles is a huge difference. More times then not people can avoid the extra headache of dealing with a rouge moving company by doing a little homework before hiring anyone. Even the moving companies you choose to communicate with while getting moving quotes can make a huge difference. First thing you want to do is check the companies BBB report. Do you really want to spend 20 or 30 minutes on the phone with a salesmen who is working for a mover with a D, F, or even a C rated moving company? If a company has a bad rating and yet has good reviews on some other websites be sure to look closely at those reviews. Who’s writing them? It’s usually the company itself!

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At New Way Movers Chicago IL we continue to maintain a perfect record with the BBB. All though we are not perfect we work with our clients directly to assure they are always satisfied with our service. We continue to offer clients a affordable, personalized, reliable, and speedy moving service that no other moving companies can offer. All moving quotes we provide are free of charge and with no obligation, so call us today at 312-858-3848 and set up an onsite evaluation or to receive a moving estimate over the phone.

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Chicago BBB• Do yourself a favor before it’s too late! Research movers before scheduling. With so many reliable Chicago Movers why go with a C, D, or F rated moving company? If you already hired a mover it’s not too late. Do they have a high complaint volume? Are they local and registered with the Chicago BBB? If you have already scheduled elsewhere and haven’t been picked up you can still cancel and go with a Chicago Moving Company that can be trusted to deliver on their word!

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